Atlas hacks,Cheats & aimbots for Season 11

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Our atlas hack is very popular now, here’s why!

Like every major game released in the recent years. The games can become grindy and not everybody can spend 10 hours a day to unlock that scar skin. Let’s say you need 10 kills to unlock a skin for your weapon. If you are a hardcore gamer that can be easy, but if you need to do it fast and get back to work ,you can just use our Super People hack and can make this task seem trivial.

By using the atlas wallhack, you can see the enemies through the walls, and learn about the emphasis of combat tactics in regards to the enemy position. The wallhack can give you an idea how you should handle the situation swiftly and use your imagination to swipe the enemy in any way you preffer. As this game is still in beta stage and everyone still discovers its’ secret, using our external visual system can make your life easier. You can spot enemies immediately and try to flank them delivering that juicy headshot by using the inbuild aim function as well. We even have radar system which reveals enemy location on the minimap GUI, on your left side of the screen.

Does Atlas have a proper Anti-Cheat ?

already confirmed that atlas will have an advanced anti-cheat system similar to PUBG , Fortnite , Escape from Tarkov , and namely the Battle Eye. Yet our team of developers managed to crack the game open within the first 2 hours of beta launch. Several atlas Cheats started popping out , us included.
It is clear that their anti-cheat engine is not strong enough for our developer team, so using our cheat is the easiest option to avoid detection.